April 6-8, 2018. Orlando, FLORIDA

An event for Amazon Sellers focused on teaching practical, up-to-date, and actionable ecommerce strategies that actually work.

SellerCon is designed for the Seller who wants to use proven strategies to grow their business, learn from Amazon millionaires, and develop meaningful connections with other entrepreneurs.

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Amazing Seller Conference

Learn. Network. Scale.

Being an ecommerce entrepreneur means carving your own path and becoming your own boss. Entrepreneurs are unique in that you're filled with an insatiable drive to go beyond the status quo.

SellerCon gives direction to that drive.

At SellerCon, you have the opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs who are focused on building a scalable, successful, profitable business – just like you. The speakers are successful Amazon Sellers who share their best strategies and most valuable tips for growing a business. There aren’t any theories or fluff pieces.

Meet Your Next Mentor. Or Business Partner. Or Mastermind Group.

At SellerCon, you have the opportunity to network with thousands of other Amazon Sellers. That means there are thousands of chances for you to find a mentor to help you grow your business, or develop a business partnership, or become a part of a mastermind group.

You will be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs who are all motivated to a profitable company and be part of a larger community. Whether you’re at the networking happy hour, the general assembly, the catered lunches, income-level based meetups, or just hanging out in the hotel lobby, you will find yourself in the company of Amazon millionaires and revolutionaries.

Hear how our last event in Las Vegas changed our attendees’ lives and businesses.

What You Can Expect

SellerCon consists of three full days of speakers and sessions geared toward solving your business problems and providing insight into the best tactics working on Amazon right now.

Advanced Seller Strategies

Each speaker has achieved enormous success selling on Amazon, and each of their presentations is carefully crafted to show you step-by-step how you can, too.

A Roadmap for Success

For every session on stage, we provide a recording and a standard operating procedure that outlines exactly how to implement the strategy covered into your business.

A Community of Entrepreneurs

One of the key aspects of SellerCon is networking, so it’s only natural that the Amazon Sellers who attend are ready to connect and help other business owners succeed.

SellerCon Lineup

SellerCon consists of three full days of speakers and sessions geared toward solving your business problems and providing insight into the best tactics working on Amazon right now.

Matt serves as executive chairman and is one of the co-founders of Amazing.com and the Amazing Selling Machine course that has taught tens of thousands of students how to run a successful Amazon business. With more than a decade of ecommerce experience and with multiple million-dollar companies, Matt loves sharing his success and strategies with other entrepreneurs.
Matt Clark
Executive Chairman & Co-Founder of Amazing.com
Mike McClary serves as co-creator of Amazing.com’s Amazing Selling Machine.ASM has helped thousands of entrepreneurs build profitable businesses selling products on Amazon. Mike has sold millions of dollars of his own products on Amazon through multiple successful businesses. He loves teaching entrepreneurs how to exceed to their highest potential.
Mike McClary
Co-Creator of ASM
Christine founded Mama Moon Boutique in 2013. Her brands include Smart Sheep and Inspiration Play. She specializes in product creation and brand marketing through her company, 7 Figure Map. Mama Moon Boutique earned $3.7 million in revenue in 2017. She has been featured on ABC and in Redbook and was named an Amazon "success story" Seller.
Christine Krogue
Founder of Mama Moon Boutique
Greg is the founder and CEO of Jungle Scout. He is a successful entrepreneur, angel investor, experienced Amazon Seller and influential educator. He loves big data, good coffee and traveling the world as a digital nomad while leading a remote team.
Greg Mercer
Founder & CEO of Jungle Scout
Chad builds ecommerce businesses. He took his family vacuum business online, built his own D2C ecommerce company, Crucial Vacuum, and is a Top 500 Amazon Seller. Chad co-founded Skubana ecommerce software and is also a founding member of Prosper Show. He is the author of “Cheaper Easier Direct" and - no surprise here - it's available on Amazon.
Chad Rubin
Co-Founder of Skubana
Jeff has over 15 years of ecommerce experience. He is CMO and partner at Seller Labs where he works with more than 20,000 Amazon Sellers providing software solutions and expert advice. Jeff is regarded as an industry expert who is constantly asked to share actionable intelligence on how Amazon works and how sellers can improve their business.
Jeff Cohen
CMO & Partner at Seller Labs
Aaron is the founder of SystemsCultureImpact.com, helping Amazon Sellers get more time, income and fulfillment.He has sold millions online since 2013 and has built several large sales teams in the Philippines. He speaks regularly, at events like the World Bank Group Summit in Washington, D.C., on how to automate, diversify and scale FBA businesses.
Aaron O’Sullivan
Founder of SystemsCultureImpact.com
Jeremiah is part of a trailblazing generation of accountants taking the archaic industry into a new era of connected technology. He founded MuseMinded in 2014 to help Amazon Sellers automate and outsource their financial systems. His role as visionary is to connect with Sellers and innovate in ways to deliver massive value to the Amazon community.
Jeremiah Kovacs
Founder of MuseMinded
Cherie Yvette is the founder of The Urban Cowgirl, a digital agency devoted to providing today’s entrepreneurs with an advertising playbook to win in competitive markets. In 2016, she pivoted to focus solely on Amazon advertising, and has spent the last two years developing and executing winning pay-per-click strategies for top Amazon Sellers.
Cherie Yvette
Founder of The Urban Cowgirl
Rob is the founder and CEO of VideoTelepathy. VideoTelepathy specializes in creating marketing and product videos for Amazon, ecommerce websites and crowdfunding campaigns. Combining his 20+ years experience in copywriting and online marketing, Rob is considered a leading industry expert at developing high-quality product videos and ads that sell.
Rob Burns
Founder & CEO of VideoTelepathy
Charity is a "momtrepreneur" who is passionate about ecommerce and helping others. While running successful ecommerce and consulting businesses with her husband Ben, she also is an active volunteer with their local school district, often helping with entrepreneurship programs. They have two kids and love traveling the U.S. in their motorhome.
Charity DeVries
Co-owner of Techknow
Dr. Anthony is a health, fat loss and peak performance expert. After his dad died at age 42, Anthony founded The Fit Father Project and Peak Performance Rx to help men and women get and stay permanently healthy. His clients include Fortune 500 CEOs, Olympic athletes, entrepreneurs and everyday people who want to look and feel their best.
Dr. Anthony Balduzzi
Founder, The Fit Father Project & Peak Performance Rx
Paul is the co-founder of Physical Product Pros, a second-generation Colorado native and lifelong entrepreneur. Through public relations hacking, he has received consulting from "Shark Tank's" Barbara Corcoran and had his brands featured on "The Rachael Ray Show" and other local TV stations and in national magazines and blogs, such as Forbes.
Paul Baron
Co-Founder of Physical Product Pros
Norman is a serial entrepreneur who provides marketing and managed ecommerce solutions for brands. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola and 20th Century Fox. He loves the challenge of a good startup. Since the early 1990s, Norman has focused on helping entrepreneurs optimize their operations and potential of their businesses.
Norman Farrar
Founder of AMZSellers.Club

Ticket Pricing

SellerCon offers multiple ticket types to fit every Seller’s needs and budget.

Successful Attendees

Here’s what our guests have to say about their experience.

"After attending the event, you are just one level up in your business and in your life."

Victor Osorham — Romania

"This was a breaktaking event packed with the latest easy-to-follow strategies and action plans to successfully sell on Amazon. You could feel the buzzing energy! It gave me goosebumps. I am definitely feeling inspired, educated, and empowered."

Carolin Gensecke — New Zealand

"The content you get from attending one of these events, meeting people, and creating connections is invaluable! You know these guys care about you and are going the extra mile to provide everything they can to help entrepreneurs all over the world."

Marc Jepsen — California

As a first time attendee, I was concerned the content would be too loaded with motivational speeches or organizational techniques. While there was some of that sprinkled throughout, I was very happy to find the content was very practical. There was something practical in every session to learn and apply now or in the future.

Ramon Salinas — California

“A HUGE thank you to Matt, Jason, and all the speakers/mentors for an amazing few days at the live event. Great content, great speakers, and some fun entertainment to accompany the whole package! By far, the best money spent was the networking lunches – I met some really smart folks that are in the trenches working their businesses and had the opportunity to speak with a few mentors. The contacts I made during those three days as a whole will be invaluable.”

Ian Villescas — Texas

“I was amazed to see so many people with my own thinking. Find a whole community trying to help each other and met good friends. The tactics revealed have greatly helped my performance as a Seller on Amazon. A marvel experience.”

Doris S — Santo Domingo

“This event was very powerful. I was able to meet many new valuable connections and loved the networking opportunities. Also having access to Matt, Jason, Mike and Rich during the networking events was priceless. Great guys and they show that success is attainable! Just a few things that I learned more than paid for my trip. Thank you so very much. See you at the next event!”

Paul Kohn — Washington

“Regardless if you are a beginner or an expert, the live event had something for everyone. I was happy with the content, but I was blown away with the people I met.”

Norm Farrar — Alliston

“After attending the live event, I really felt like Amazing.com had my back and cared about its members. The live event taught me that networking was extremely important and I was able to meet some people (including ASM mentors) who will now be a part of this amazing adventure with me!”

Tobie Quay — Arizona

“Fantastic event! Networking was the biggest gift from this event. It helped me form several mastermind groups and get loads of generous advice from leaders in the business. Being there had me energized with the business and the community!”

Gaby F. — Sydney

“Over the last 20 years being an Entrepreneur in various different fields, I know one thing for sure, if you want to become successful in a brand new field, surround yourself with people who have accomplished success and learn from the best. This live event will give you that, this is brand new for me this year, and you will learn from the best.”

Andrea Hardy. — California

“What an amazing 3 days. For the money you can’t beat it. Incredible speakers, TONS of helpful information, tactics, and tips. The networking lunches at the event are awesome, too! I know for a fact I will be at every live event in the future, ready to take my business to the next level. Can’t wait for next year!”

Travis Aller — North Dakota

“If you’re on the fence, don’t be. The event will pay itself back exponentially. The quality of people you will meet is worth the price of the ticket alone. Everything else is an added plus.”

Christopher Slack — Nevada

Previous Speakers

Our speakers are subject matter experts who have excelled in their markets and specialize in entrepreneurship or selling on Amazon.

Robert Kiyosaki
Founder of Rich Dad Company
Richard Branson
Founder of the Virgin Group
Brian Smith
Founder of UGG
Kevin Harrington
Founder of Entrepreneurs’ Organization
Garrett Gunderson
Founder of Wealth Factory
George Lawrence
Founder of MerchantWords.com
Scott Galvao
Co-Founder of InterCultural Elements
Philip Jepsen
Founder of ManageByStats
Ryan Moran
Founder of Freedom Fast Lane
Stefan James
Founder of Project Life Mastery
Ezra Firestone
Founder of Smart Marketer
Devin Dorosh
Founder of DSquared International
Karyn Thomas
Co-Founder of Private Label Profit
Rob Warner
Founder of Invisible PPC
Mike Ziegler
President of Marketplace Clicks
Franz Jordan
Founder of Sellics
Re Perez
Founder of Branding for the People
Ryan Mulvany
Partner of Quiverr
Ari and Chelsea Cohen
Co-Founders of Badass Business Builders
Shelby Larson
Founder of Content Divas

Where We've Been

We’ve been hosting world-class events for Amazon Sellers for five years. Take a look at the journey we’ve gone through together by watching some of our favorite recaps of previous events.


SellerCon will be held in the beautiful Hilton Orlando, and we’ve got an amazing deal just for you. We have a limited number of rooms reserved at the Hilton Orlando for SellerCon attendees, guaranteed to be the lowest price you’ll find online.

But saving money isn’t the only benefit to staying at the same hotel as SellerCon.

Save time.
Even if a hotel is right next door, navigating heavy tourist traffic in Orlando can take significant time. If you ever forget a charger or your notebook, there’s no way you’ll make it to your room and back in between sessions.
Build more relationships.
One of the main reasons people come to SellerCon is to network. Meeting other Sellers is much easier when you’re staying in the same place. If you’re staying at a different hotel, the chances of finding the time to grab a coffee or dinner with other attendees are much slimmer.
Exclusive networking.
You asked, we delivered. Previous attendees loved our secret meet ups exclusively for hotel guests, so we’re bringing them back. These will offer easy and powerful ways to build even more great relationships with other top Amazon Sellers attending SellerCon, but you have to stay at the Hilton Orlando to get in.
Amazing Seller Conference

Early Bird Special.

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